"Ocean-Bound” - San Francisco, California - Opening Reception Saturday March 15, 2019


On Friday, March 15, The Midway will open its doors for Ocean-Bound: Plastic Waste and Why We Are Bound to the Health of Our Oceans, a multidisciplinary exhibition and panel series, presented in partnership with Lonely Whale, bringing local advocates, renowned artists, powerful musicians, and delicious food to the table. This is a two-tiered ticketed event; read below.

Join us for our pre-opening dinner & conversation at 6PM which kicks off with a cocktail hour in the Gallery. Explore the blown-up, hyperrealistic drawings of the world’s icebergs by Zaria Forman, larger-than-life inflatable sculptures by Jana Cruder and Matthew LaPenta, and recycled waste sculptures by Joel Dean Stockdill and Yustina Salnikova. Dip into Envelop SF for a private listening session featuring soundscape, Ice Crispies, made in collaboration with Zaria Forman. Come hungry as Luke's Lobsters will be in our kitchen working with The Midway Culinary to serve up a mouth-watering sit-down dinner within Zaria Forman's immersive art installation. Fill your bellies while listening to panel discussions speakers from the media, the arts, local and national politics and local and national athletics: the International Ocean Film Festival, NCEL, Surfrider Foundation, Green Sports Alliance, and the Oakland Athletics. Round off your meal with a short film screening and discussion by Story of Stuff and Executive Producer of the Story of Plastic, Stiv Wilson, before heading back into the main venue and joining the masses for our Gallery Reception. ($80 admission)

*Limited tickets available. Proceeds support The Midway and its commitment to presenting environmentally aware programming which supports local impact and thought leadership.*

Our 9PM Gallery Reception will open with the soulful throwback grooves of Nico Yaryan, followed by the ragged rock 'n' roll of Lilly Hiatt. Escape into Envelop SF, an immersive audio venue amplifying the social and emotional power of music through immersive listening sessions, to experience Ice Crispies, soundscape developed in collaboration with exhibiting artist, Zaria Forman

Midway Gallery - 900 Marin St. San Francisco, California


"Anadromos" David Wright House - Phoenix, Arizona - Saturday April 15, 2017

Greeted by a whirlwind of koi windsocks wrapping the spiral of the David Wright house, in Phoenix, Arizona, visitors rise up a river of blue carpet, surrounded by schools of koi fish swimming upstream to the house itself, where a golden bear awaits both koi and guests.

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